Gummy and Chocolate

Goal Grinders Gummies

Introducing GOAL GRINDERS GUMMIES!!! Did you know that Gummy’s are the leading snack choice among people ages 6 to 36. Goal Grinder’s Gummies are FAT FREE FAT FREE - GLUTEN FREE - DAIRY FREE & made with BEET SUGAR. These Gummies made by Gummy’s R Us™ are the BEST dang Gummy’s you’ll ever try.

Gummy’s R Us™ is the official sponsor for the Cocktails & Candy Canes Party! They specialize in Custom Confectionery for Fundraisers, Corporate Events & Family Gatherings. Their chocolates have No Artificial Colors or Artificial Sweeteners. They are a minority family-owned business.

Now through Sunday, December 5, 2020, Goal Grinders will receive 100% of the proceeds from all GOAL GRINDERS GUMMIES sales!